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Xiaomi's Secret Business Strategies!

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 14, 2014 at 1:15 PM

One smartphone vendor China , Xiaomi , picking the huge success of its flagship sales , namely Xiaomi Hongmi . Not only succeeded in penetrating the sale and distribution to Europe and the United States , Xiaomi also reportedly managed to sell flagship with astonishing record . What was the secret of Xiaomi 's business strategy ?

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You may remember the Samsung promotion strategies that seem extravagant when sponsoring an event or a grand event for example an Oscar in 2014 and became the official Sochi Olympics smartphones in 2014. Samsung has ever utilize the proximity of U.S. President , Barack Obama , with athletes Superbowl . From the steps of business strategy and marketing Samsung royal and "massive " , it appeared very different from that applied by Xiaomi Hongmi .

Reporting from phonearena , it has Xiaomi marketing strategy called " Hunger Marketing " . This strategy has proven Xiaomi Xiaomi Hongmi sell fast even online in a matter of seconds . For example, when selling Xiaomi Xiaomi Hongmi through China Unicom's WCDMA versions ( one operator in China ) were successfully menjaul 100 thousand units within 5 minutes!


Hunger is a marketing strategy to lure sales quotas in a certain amount of goods , and boost sales with "limited time " - or within a specified period . With the limited number ( quota ) handsets sold , and marketed in a limited period of marketing , will provoke resentment and curiosity of consumers . This is evident when consumers in China increasingly annoyed with Xiaomi handeset that offers a limited amount , which is then quickly sell them online . Inevitably , consumers want products that Xiaomi would be " encouraged " and vying for as soon as possible to buy the handset .

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Xiaomi marketing move proved inspired other companies , such as ZTE , to give it a try as well . And proven , through online sales bermasil ZTE ZTE Grand SII LTE sell as many as 50000 units within 58 seconds. And ZTE hopes to successfully sell 400 million units of its flagship until 2014 .

source: tabloidpulsa

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