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Posted by indra andriyadi on April 17, 2014 at 9:45 AM

As the article already delivered also by bird hobbyists a highly accurate and TOP-TOP all, here is just sharing a little artikrel which is also not much different from the other article.


As in the prior-previous article and also did not vary much with articles submitted by fans chirping birds that help deliver a fun and unique tips on the procedure for how to keep pet birds "Anis Merah (Red Punglor)" be diligent chirp and can gacor stoned.

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Here I will try to write a little bit about how the tips and how to diligently care for the Red Anis Twitter (gacor) and can quickly get high. 


Here are simple tips and how to care for Anis Merah preformance so cepet sound and diligent (gacor) and can quickly get high:


 1. Firstly diawalai of how sex selection because usually diligent bird chirping is the type ofmale sex, and the bird hobbyist kebanyam already know the characteristics of the bird red anise difference between males and females that also I will present in the next article.


2. Then bathed each morning bird spray if possible use a spray or splash in order to give more flexibility bird bath which is at about 7AN or depending on the situation or perhaps a little later in the day if the rainy conditions.


3. Perform drying for about 1 hour when the sun is really bright, and may be longer if the conditions are not so bright the sun was hot.


4. Provide adequate food for birds such as voer already jamming with voer quality voer that contain lots of vitamins, proteins and other substances needed by the birds by adding voer setaip without forgetting the day with a routine food consumption in the form of fruits like; papaya, bananas, apples, tomatoes, etc., and give drink to the birds with water that has been cooked (boiled) water or bottled / mineral water and must be replaced every day.


5. Give extra food on bird or better known as (EF: Extra Fooding) like crickets every morning 2-3 tails and 2-3 pm as well as the tail, can also be coupled with caterpillars hongkong quite a tablespoon for 2-3 days and also give a variation of the type EF Kroto other commonly consumed by the Red Anis.


6. Vit order condition of the bird remains, give vitamins mixed into a drink just 2-3 drops in a standard size tube, a week is 2 times the vitamin.


7. Perform pemasteran sound, either directly through the sound of birds can be with other birds that are special master or can be made by using the sound of birds in the form of MP3 (can be downloaded from the Internet) with the sound settings that can make the Red Anis can practice and get used to the sound The.


8. And last but not least create an atmosphere around the house is arranged friendly against avian bird means not to feel uncomfortable, annoyed with the teaser that was deliberately teasing or because they do not know and just want fun, then if such a thing can sought to be avoided for the sake of convenience of the bird, as it will affect the physical and psychic bird itself and will indirectly affect the sound quality and the art and the chatter of birds. That is not the person who merely passing through but a bully who deliberately disruptive.  ( Read: anis merah jantan )


So my tips may be useful, and basically tips that way does not have to do the same multak percis as I say because it depends on the conditions, situations and our patience and perseverance in giving attention to our pets.

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