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tips on choosing a bird chirp food additives (vitamins bird)

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 23, 2014 at 5:05 AM

Having a bird chirp at home is indeed a pleasure , sit back while looking at a bird in a cage without feeling a few hours have passed . In addition to the birds singing beautiful , colorful coat color is also the main attraction for the fans . To get the bird is always excellent , the necessary diligence in care and if necessary provide additional food .

 ( Read: vitamin untuk murai batu )

additional food or known as extra feeding ( FE ) is very important for our pet birds chirp . It is necessary to meet nutritional requirements. Here are some simple grouping of various food additives that can be given to birds chirp based main meals . Birds chirp with the main meal of insects , such as magpie stone and kacer also require additional vitamins on a regular basis . For bird species have been traditionally given voor with vitamins that have many , probably do not need supplements or vitamins . However, if the birds are not fed voor , then the animal must be given extra food to meet the nutritional needs as well as maintain and improve sound quality .

 ( Read: vitamin murai batu )

For some types of birds with a main feed fruits , such as swamps and also cucak cucak blue require an additional form of insect food .

Birds eating grains , such as walnuts and also it's good Branjangan given extra food is fruit , vegetables , and insects . Supplementary feeding can be done alternately . With proper food additives , the chirping of birds will be more attractive.

How to Make a New Facebook (Complete Guide)

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 23, 2014 at 3:15 AM

How to create Facebook . As I commented in a previous article , email is the main thing to have social jejering account such as facebook or twitter . Before going into how to create a Facebook , I emphasize once again that you should have an email in advance and if you do not have , you can make it in advance. Please read how to create a new email in yahoo with ease. ( Read: cara membuat aplikasi facebook )


Well now if you already have an email , open the email you got. This will be used to receive the activation link your facebook . Mengenari way facebook can make you follow the instructions below carefully without missing the first step to complete.

How to Create Facebook


1 . Visit our Facebook site at and you will find a view like this ,

How to Create Facebook

All you have to do is fill out the appropriate data yourself correctly. Before filling out the form , see the language you use . If in the English language , it's best to place your order indonesia language easier to understand . To change the language , please see the illustration on the picture I put a red arrow and select the language of Indonesia .


Then you fill out the form above correctly as first name , last name , email, password or password , date of birth and gender. A note or remember - remember very well login and password that you create , so you will use to log in to facebook or any time. Well if it is the substance of all the columns available , now click " Register "


2 . Upon clicking register you will find 3 steps to fix registry :

Step 1 : in fact in this step you can find friends who are already registered on facebook , but we recommend you skip this step first , click the font that I have put a red arrow.

How to Make a New Facebook


Step 2 : In this step you can specify the identity of the school , your place of lectures , or company you work for . You can also leave it blank . Click " Save & Continue "

How to Make a New Facebook


Step 3 : In this step you can change your picture to be used for your facebook profile later. Please click the "Upload Photo" to upload a photo from your computer and then click " Save & Continue "

Tutorial How To Make A Facebook


3 . Then you will find the look like the picture below and click " Open Mail "

Guide to Making Facebook  ( Read: cara membuat iklan di facebook )


4 . Now you check your email inbox inbox or you registered earlier, some you will get a message to the facebook account activation like this , then go to the message.

Tutorials and Guides How To Make Facebook


Well the message is about as below and then click " Complete Registration " and you will be brought automatically facebook page Other .

Birdcage Business Today Laris Manis Who Want to Try?

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 22, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Hoby maintain Warbler currently booming . Therefore birdhouse business now rife everywhere . One of the places that provide a bird cage is shopping in west Gas Station "Coffee Garden " Sengon Bugel .


In the shop that sold a variety of sedehana cage . Starting from the low price of hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars . The cage frame is made of teak wood while his fingers made ​​from variegated bamboo.Ukurannyapun pick.

( Read: membuat sangkar burung )


Live bird cage types selected

" If it is cheap here ranging from Rp 150 thousand , while that of the most expensive about $ 2 million - 2.5 million dollars ," said the shopkeeper Kiwil bird cage on Formass .


Kiwil said sales efforts boss 's cages had been opened two this year . Starting from a hobby maintain birds chirping then it evolved into the business of buying and selling a bird cage .


Initially only buy for their own needs . However, due to the demand of fellow bird enthusiasts then finally opened a business selling birdcages .


"Yes, every day at least one cage behavior , sometimes if the holiday can be more . Moreover, if there is a race of birds chirping sales rose drastically " , says Kiwil while spraying the cage is still raw .

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Mentahan cages were taken from seputaran Welahan boss . Ditokonya on the roadside Holy - Jepara village Sengon Bugel later in the puree and then in paint to make interesting viewing. In addition there is one power Kiwil woman smoothing parts .

Ade Yusdira, Livestock Kroto turnover 60 Million

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 22, 2014 at 5:50 AM

Ade Yusdira Kroto successfully grow your business or to fire ant eggs , multi- Rp60 million . Though initially only Rp 2 million of capital . Beginning of Ade pursue this unusual business of fishing hobby .( Read: budi daya kroto )


But he had trouble getting bait because the price is expensive . He then thinking of starting their own business this Kroto . According to him , starting a business is not difficult Kroto , which necessarily required Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP ) , such as providing room temperature below 30 degrees , but rather should be moist to dry .


" Because ants like the dark, " he explained to Okezone , Wednesday ( 26/02/2014 ) .


After that , another thing that needs to be done is to keep the ants by way of security or home cage to awaken these ants . What is needed is a wooden rack made ​​stratified and adjusted for the number of seeds ants .


Then at the bottom of the cage or cage feet of water whose function shall be provided so that the ants do not come out of the cage . Besides providing the board containing 80 percent protein . " To place can be made with a 2 -meter high , 80 cm wide , and 1.3 meters high , " said lecturer who teaches at Unity STIE Bogor .


To start this business , beginners need to provide at least 30 to 100 jars of seeds . Prices range from 1 jar of 50 thousand to Rp 60 thousand , so to Rp2 million Kroto can start this business .


" In starting this business which should be tested first , starting from the first bit at least 30 jars , maximum 100 jars , right in the business because we are dealing with living things , if it fails they will die , " he said .


Ade added , this business can be conducted outdoors and indoors like room , but for outdoors should be provided in the form of an additional enclosure chamber , so that the room be kept moist .( Read: cara ternak kroto )


Meanwhile, the food given to the ants is the must nutritious food or foods such as tree caterpillars , crickets , and chicken bones , but do not feed the ants with food ex .

Ciblek Preparation Before Competition

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 20, 2014 at 11:40 PM


Preparation Before Competition Ciblek The need to be underlined that the birds will be brought into the arena champions chirping before it should be considered in detail and we have to pay attention to our birds , either mental , volume , style , physical , and chatter - chatter on our bird , the bird is not uncommon who have performed well at home will sulk in the field .( Read: brosur lomba burung )


It could also be a major factor her is physically and mentally ready for the fight yet there are some things you should know before your friends mania chirping birds Ciblek incite you in the arena / field championship include:


Preparation Birds to be contested :

Prepare to be contested bird about - about 3-1 weeks these birds should not be taken reunited with exercises or the like or the opposite sex , but before 2-4 days before the race should be brought closer to its female if his suit like that .

Often dikrodong / fabric penutung cage / bird cage and may be opened as needed like a bird bathing , drying , as well as the provision of food and vitamins .

Before departing from the house to the contest field birds given fresh and natural foods such as : Kroto , UH ( caterpillar Hongkong ) , UK ( caterpillar Cage ) , Crickets , Papaya and Banana Kepok , Kroto should be given to the provision of the next 4-5 before going down the field berikanlaqh enough to keep all the remaining disangkar / bird cage we , as Kroto or food left can cause rot .

Before leaving should be washed with a spray or spray the bird so the bird is not enough kepansan and will stay fresh .

Bird cage with a lid tightly krodong the way to the contest field .

For close race distance or less than 2 hours drive birds do not need to be given anti setres , but when the time to take a trip over 3 to 7 hours in anti setres give about 2-3 days before kebarangkatan .

Birds should have arrived at the arena less than two hours before his start in the contest so that the birds do not experience setres and surprised the reason that the bird calm and resting after the journey beforehand .

Bushels of us when he got the location of bird contest by finding a shady spot and avoid / keep out of the race birds immediately opened sebasgian lainnya.krodong so the bird can minghirup fresh air in the surrounding nature .

( Read: brosur lomba burung piala raja )

Give Kroto or UH ( caterpillar Hongkong ) , crickets , UK ( caterpillar Cage ) , so that the birds adjust their diet fresh again .

Her first thought was that I can say if there is a slight deficiency in the language I speak I apologize for - the amount to all of the readers of this article on my blog . Thanks and Regards chirping Mania .

How to Make a Twitter List With Ease

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 19, 2014 at 10:00 AM

How to Make Twitter - Along with the development of technology and the internet world , people are now Internet users not only use the internet connection to search for a variety of updated information , shop online or do business online , even with the help of internet connection you can also easily find new friends all over the world , by visiting a social networking site that is now rampant in all circles , especially among young people .

( Read: cara membuat aplikasi twitter )

Maybe before we 've known one of the social networking sites are quite popular by all Internet users , namely Facebook that allows users to make new friends all over the world and share information . But this time will discuss the booming social networking among young people , ie Twitter .

( Read: cara membuat account twitter )

Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters , which is commonly called the ' Tweet / chirp ' . Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey in March 2006 and was launched in July . Since its launch , Twitter became one of the top ten most visited sites on the internet . Cause of the high popularity of this service Twitter has been utilized for various purposes , as a means of protest , learning tools , emergency communications media and much more .

Glad birds livestock blackthroat

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 17, 2014 at 5:45 AM

Blackthroat warbler bird is eating grain , not long ago the range of December and January in the bird markets scout Coming of ...


Blackthroat warbler bird is eating grain , not long ago the range of December and January in the coming bird bird markets scout blackthroat material which is quite a lot . Only the birds run fast enough material blackthroat quickly sold out . I tried to buy a pair to try blackthroat birds livestock . ( read: peternak blackthroat )


Before we try blackthroat birds livestock should we understand the basic characteristics of a little bird blackthroat . Blackthroat birds are polygamous so bt males mated with females could be more than one . Not only with each other , can be mated with males blackthroat warbler other types such as canaries , Herda Sanger , Mozambique and Wren .


Birds blackthroat have almost the same posture with Herda Sanger . Therefore , many people mistakenly identify him. The main thing that distinguishes birds with bird blackthroat Sanger is a black color on the neck / throat of the bird ( hence this type of bird called " blackthroat " ) adult male and yellow feathers in birds blackthroat .


Differences of male and female birds blackthroat


In general, differences in materials or young forest birds blackthroat male and female birds are as follows :


1 . The Bird blackthroat strapping males , with a length of about 12 cm , for females is almost the same but tend berpostur round .


2 . Blackthroat adult male bird has a black color in the throat while the female is a bit sketchy .


3 . Avian blackthroat big-headed males , tend to be oval , small and round -headed females .


4 . Blackthroat male bird has a pen ( cloaca ) that stand out and there is a bulge of green beans with fur rawis . berkloaka female flat and there is only a hole to get out the dirt .


5 . Blackthroat male bird beak thick , thin beaked females .


6 . Blackthroat male bird shrill , ngerol and varied tracks . females have a small voice and a monotonous song .


7 . Blackthroat bull -necked bird level , short-necked females .


Overview for price blackthroat male birds of Africa , according to our observation USD price range . 1 million s / d to 1.3 million birds blackthroat males to females while 750 thousand price range .


Once we understand the characteristics of birds blackthroat then we try to match , the pairing period should use an insulated enclosure making it easier for the birds blackthroat partner know each other .


To be in the know if we buy blackthroat bird in a bird market yet we know better pairing age range using insulated enclosure , the range of one to two weeks trying to make one and monitored , if the bird is still attacking each separate blackthroat back but if you do not already incorporate . ( read: kenari f1 )


Because when we buy umuran pasnya should not know when we raise birds blackthroat as we take care of other warbler . If the time has come blackthroat bird by itself will marry .


I tried the method livestock blackthroat bird as above and is now generating 1 blackthroat tail bird chicks , while studying and observing the behavior indukannya , happy bird blackthroat cattle .

Secret Tips to Overcome Bird Cendet Spoiled

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 17, 2014 at 2:20 AM

( Read: burung pentet madura )

Overcoming the Secret Spoiled( Read: burung pentet madura ) Cendet Birds | Birds spoiled it could happen at any bird that bind some of the following factors, could be because of the small maintained frequent in loose makes him behave if anyone approached, it could be when fully grown birds serning in suapi crickets with hands and make the bird into manja.Rahasia Overcoming Spoiled bird Cendet



And the following is the most appropriate way to overcome bird pentet spoiled:


1. Provide caterpillars eat her cage, not hongkong, according to some experts could reduce bird spoiled but should also be done the other tips below.


2. Gaco Do not like the bird whistled, or lure reads, let him sound itself at will.


3. Provide kerodong thick


4. Bathe pentet birds every day.


5. Feed EF Never give out time is specified in addition to the morning and afternoon.


6. Avian Do not bribe either directly using a stick or hand.

( Read: suara burung pentet )

How To Make Money From Blog Without Capital

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 3, 2014 at 4:10 AM

How To Make Money From Blog Without Capital ~ Making money from the internet make money from blogs in particular are becoming the choice of many internet users to earn extra income . Why many people are trying to earn money from the internet especially from blogs ?


There are many reasons why they are trying to get money from the blog :

( Read: berita cara menghasilkan uang dari blog )

1 . Could be done anytime

2 . Not bound by time and place

3 . Not require a large capital

4 . Could be used as a side

5 . Potential income could be greater than the primary income


That is the reason why many people today are trying to make money from blogs . Even more so when it can be done without capital or free . How come make money from blogs without capital ?


Before we discuss further , we first straighten mindset online business without capital . Without capital does not mean no capital at all . You still need capital to the cost of your internet connection , or also the capital to buy a guide book online business . But if you want to learn to be self-taught with the guidance that you get from searching in google , then you only need an internet connection costs alone .


In order to make money from blogs without capital then we must first determine what online business to be run . There are many online businesses that could be an option , but that I like is the PPC business . Because in addition to free registration , income can also be earned on a regular basis every month . Yes , it was counted as an additional honorarium every month deh . Hehehe .....

( Read: cara menghasilkan uang dari internet )


Business PPC advertising is a business network for a fee which is calculated based on the number of clicks obtained . System works is that you have to have a blog first, then the blog has been registered as a member of the PPC business , after that you will get a script to be installed on the blog which will bring ads from PPC providers .


The most famous PPC dollars paid is Google Adsense . However, Indonesia also has a PPC company is very well known and reliable with high pay per click , which I click dot com . But to register as a member click me dot com you should have a fairly high traffic blog first. If you are a beginner , you can follow the PPC that does not require to have high traffic .

Features Kacer Dada White Mabung First

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 3, 2014 at 2:30 AM

Features Kacer Dada White Mabung First

How to find out the characteristics of birds Kacer chicago / Kacer Teapot / white chest Kacer mabung for the first time , the following is a brief review of the characteristics of young birds Kacer new experience mabung time for the first time, as we know birds mabung own stage it is the natural cycle of bird mabung process from the first level ( a young bird ) until next mabung ( adult birds to old ) and from the stage mabung we can find out what the birds are young, adult or old apart from the features we also often hear .

( Read: kacer juara )


In Kacer Teapot / white chest markings that young birds can be seen from the fur on the outskirts of the nearby white chest with its wings still visible colors like black or white color fog not pure white and looks like a black fog . and this is clearly different from the adult birds are already old ata suffering mabung 2 times or more .

( Read: kacer mp3 )


Young birds are also marked by the base of the beak are visible lined with bright colors that will look at the yellow bird is still very young . while the old birds will be visible at the base of the lip looks like an elongated beak .


At the feet of young birds look like black wet and Judah have not been scaling.

Glimpses commented on the physical characteristics of birds Kacer who are young and have not / will suffer mabung first time .