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TIPS Raising Birds Cucak Ijo at Home

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 16, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Determination of material cucak good green bird has a lot about the need to consider in the determination of the material or the bird feeder green cucak cucak ijo by step the correct animal .


Are male , signs cucak green bird male sex can be seen from a long posture fit , longer tail , spine and small meeting chopsticks , firmer coat color , half dark , the color of the fur on the bottom of the neck is black and forming mask on face , big eyes bulging , the greater the shape of the head and move swiftly . ( Read: ciri cucak ijo yang bagus )


Beak shape , we recommend setting stemming wide beak shape , no not thick , big and long . half of the bottom side should be straight . not to specify a material that has a crooked beak . the position of the nostrils set as close as possible to the position of the eye .


Body posture , make sure the material remains berpostur with long neck , body and tail and matching leg . not to specify materials necked and short bodied . The wings and legs tucked tightly gripping strong , healthy This suggests the material . Color legs do not have any impact on the mental birds . Agile and a great appetite . These materials are the signs of a good mentality . Diligent sound , this implies the birds have bright prospects . Filled solid long neck . This suggests birds may issue the maximum sound power


Step cucak match green


Make make a quick bird mate , he's usually doing the following :


1 . The first day ef given increasingly more commonplace , the parable males each female was given 10 10 tails crickets and worms in order for both racing lust .


2 . Day 2 , and quota continues male female ration was reduced , the parable of 10 : 5 , of this is intended to continue to make the protection of his sexual partner .


3 , the third day ration plus male and female ration eliminated . the goal when the male lust , he can play the ef in his mouth , and at the same time the female is starving because not receive food rations , until the female is able to strive wanting food rations from the male .


This system can be continued for several days ahead . length dependent bird itself, can be 1 day , 2 days or maybe 1 month .


The pairing system is handled for almost 1 month . females to males can be mixed without fighting again .

make out whether they get along or not , sometimes they are combined , especially in a time bathed in the cage . if they do not quarrel , then you can try make it one . if still no sign signals a fight , then have to be separated again . do about it until the bird can actually collected last one without attacking each other .


Only the tips of my , if your bird is difficult or long affinity , then you can use birdmature . birdmature the product to increase bird lust quickly , especially for breeding birds . birdmature been tested in a breeding cage lovebird has om bi , bf dt Jogja and black stone magpie breeding bf cilacap.Setelah pairing is complete , then the 2nd bird cage immediately put into captivity .



When male birds for breeding females seducing gacor nor even with the general female birds look healthy or not also cook sex despite the age of 7 months . ; Egg - bird egg or not the content and therefore can not hatch , we need to emphasize that the male can produce sperm which " contains " and female reproductive health is really optimal . If we doubt how this may be , we just use the optimistic situation mature.Selama bird reproductive organs in normal circumstances , mature bird has been proven to add perfection reproductive system breeding birds . not only walnuts , but all kinds of birds .


If the birds from breeding puppies we die easily , or legs often clubfoot , mushy , because the immune system is weak general , we need to emphasize that eating bird indukannya minerals . ( Read: burung cucak ijo jantan )

Bird minerals not only good for the pups but also because the parent bird feathers mineral make so strong , smooth , shining after molting or ngurak other words moult ; birds are not exposed to rickets ( soft bones , twisted and abnormal ) ; paralysa free ( lame ) ; free perosis ( heel swelling ) ; make so healthy chicks hatched ; unnatural bird Achilles tendon ( tendon ) ; birds do not loose joints , not divorced ( luxatio ) ; half did not miss , not a lack of blood until pale and feeble ; birds in captivity can speedily lay eggs , eggs filled , high productivity , high hatchability ; low embryonic death .

source: om slamet

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