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Mixing Tips For Feeding Birds Pleci

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 19, 2014 at 5:25 AM

Mixing Tips For Feeding Birds Pleci . To get a quality bird of his voice ( gacor ) not only in the selection of any bird or animal nutrition but also greatly affects the chatter of birds pleci . Here I want to share about the mixing of feed for your pet bird pleci , this article I got from ekhagreen , hopefully this article can be for your reference mempuyai pleci birds .

Mixing Tips For Feeding Birds Pleci


Birds feed for Pleci concoction that is given from ekhagreen there are two ways , so please try which is more suited to your pet bird , because each different bird calm .


The first way :  ( Read: perawatan pleci )

1 Wrap Milk Powder Dancow

1 Wrap Coconut Biscuits Rome

1 Wrap Wedang Ginger

1 Wrap Takari

1 Ounce Flour Powder crickets

1/2 Ounces Powder Fumayin

Procedures for the use of the above mix all ingredients together . Should be great enough daily feeding 1 tablespoon .


Second way :

2 Wrap Leopard

2 Wrap Milk Powder Dancow

2 Wrap Wedang Ginger

1 Wrap Promina Banana Flavor

3 Grain Duck Eggs

The second usage the same way in a manner that is first mixed together , the birds feeding on pleci better every day just 1 tablespoon .


Tips on feeding birds fruit pleci

A piece of banana kepok 3 Days Once

4 Piece Red Apple Day One

Half a slice of ripe papaya 1 Week One ( Read: pleci mata putih )

His best piece of Kaffir Lime 2 given once a day or as often as possible , because it is good for Birds Volume memperkencang .

That's her little reference to the bird feed blend pleci , hopefully the above tips can be useful agi you . umpteen of Feed Mixing Tips For Bird Pleci

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