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Recognizing Kinds of Diseases Birds Lovebird

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 23, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Birds love bird is a species of bird chatter that not only offers a melodious voice but also the beauty of the feathers the main attraction of birds that are rarely owned by another chatter . Of the price of the bird love bird no cheap so make the farmers and birds love bird owners always keep their health in order not to contract the disease .


Well , every living thing must have been infected by a variety of diseases and it also attacks all species of birds including birds love bird . For the owners or cultivators birds love bird is very important to recognize the various diseases that primarily affects birds so that birds love bird love bird quickly get treatment . Therefore , this article describes the kinds of diseases that usually attack your pet love bird watching .

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Lime Lime defecate defecation is a type of disease that often attacks the digestive system of birds love bird . Common name for pullorum disease was chalk stools that are easily transmitted from one bird to another bird . In order to ensure the birds love bird defecation lime has been exposed to the disease there are several symptoms that can be observed that : see the dirt that issuance would normally white and shaped like a watered-down chalk . Then his appetite suddenly decreased so as to make the body weak and not eager to sing . Under certain conditions , the birds love bird defecation lime disease will be difficult to pull out the dirt so that it can be seen in fur anus hole section will look like chalk dirt .


If you already know the birds love bird defecation lime disease immediately separate the bird from other birds for the disease does not spread and clean the cage every day to avoid germs that could infect the disease again .


respiratory disorders


Respiratory distress is a very dangerous type of disease if infected bird to bird love bird love bird will have trouble breathing and nose easily dispense viscous liquids . This disease is quite acute if the birds love bird suffered by then could lead to death . Respiratory disease in birds love bird arising from the deployment of e-coli bacteria and mycoplasma virus are often found in fruits and vegetables that are not washed and eaten by birds love bird . Common symptoms that we can look at the birds love bird affected by respiratory disease is : the night the bird love bird will snore loudly like a lump in her windpipe , nose looks slimy and continuously secrete a viscous fluid , decreasing its activity became even more silent , and every day the birds love bird always sneezing .


Abatement is clear that this disease is very easily transmitted to other birds chatter and therefore birds love bird infected with respiratory disease should be exiled from the place of other birds , clean the cage , give sufficient vitamins every day , and wash their food like fruit or vegetables .




Is a type of skin disease that attacks the birds love bird legs so that the feet appear swollen skin , nails growth unreasonably extends , and scales on legs will widen . Bubul disease arising from staphylo cocci bacteria that are in the cage clean untreated leather legs so easily infected birds love bird Bubul . This disease is quite dangerous if not treated quickly because birds love bird legs diseased Bubul will continue to swell and cause the birds love bird can die . The cleanliness of the cage is a top priority that must be maintained by the owners of the birds love bird .


bird lice ( Read: penyakit burung lovebird )


Birds love bird who rarely bathed and treated conditions it will be exposed to the disease cage bird lice . Disease infestation of birds attacking all kinds of birds that are not maintained clean so disturbing sound quality and skin . Birds love bird that has been exposed to the disease symptoms are bird mites : pecking like his own because he felt itchy , birds appear agitated and did not want to dwell in the cage , and the violence will decrease the sound of her usual chirping .


Yups , that's the diseases that primarily affects birds love bird so his health will be compromised and the booms would not be melodious again . Therefore , maintaining body condition , cages , and feed is an effective prevention to avoid the birds love bird avoid the terrible diseases .


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