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How Mastering Canaries Chirping Sound Good

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 28, 2014 at 6:30 AM

How Mastering Canaries Chirping Sound Good

Are you really - really maniac canaries ? If Yes , of course you must understand a bit about stuffing / master walnuts . If you do not understand and do not understand , it is very timely as we will discuss in this week's edition of the article . Mastering , a bird trained by modifying the chirping canary and decide in accordance with our wishes . The point is where a bird that we will master mimic other birds or recordings that we rotate , the origin is still in reasonable limits and can be imitated canaries . Train and walnut filling sound with this new way of mastering developed in Indonesia , there is no other country in the world to use this method of exercise such . However , it is the type of society we are not easily satisfied if only the usual walnuts even listening chatter , there must be just the thing done as a try - try to generate as much unique and different .

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The phenomenon of walnuts master also crowded due to increased enthusiasm hobbyists canary in the race . Many variations and sharing between incumbents to new players making a lot of people look at that walnut is walnut masteran race . Especially if you see the result of crosses between F1 walnuts walnuts imported large man who has a loud voice, distinctive local walnuts definitely a lot of lay people who are interested . In addition , many also believe that masteran is intended to fix the chatter of other birds in order to better when sung by canary . Therefore , we just discussed about how to master walnuts . There are many factors that determine its success not mastering walnuts .


how to master sound good walnut - cattle business

Identical With Walnuts Walnuts Masteran Contest

Master Success Factors Walnuts

Age : Consider age canaries , canary try your master is a small walnut walnut material or aged 1 - 1,5 months and still eat grains . Same with humans , canaries childhood memory is also still keen to listen to the voice masteran , and memory with age also decreased. Therefore, while walnuts are still small , frequent - often was listening to the song masteran on your walnuts .

Continuity : If you 've heard the voice of your walnuts are able to bring the stuffing sounds good , do not stop there . The sound remains perdengarkan every day if you can . Because of the smoothness is only temporary , the term has not been locked . When - when the sound field will be returned to the original sound canaries . After entering the age of 7 to 9 months , walnuts usually already familiar with the sounds that we fill . And usually we can omit the race . But do not forget after we omit the race or latber still rotate stuffing your master , because otherwise it would be vulnerable replaced .

Intelligence : The internal factor is the absolute level of intelligence and receptivity . Each - each bird has a different acceptance . If the acceptance is slow , then the walnuts master any way that we use will be difficult to enter . Therefore, in order to minimize the slow acceptance , try to choose a clear canary seed origin or come from reliable breeders master . Usually derivatives also carry the gene and intelligence that almost resembles the parent .

Environment : Select a location that supports fast if you want to mimic walnut stuffing you . The place is too crowded would be very annoying voice reception process . Walnuts would be confused if a lot of noise , and it will mess up the results of mastering what we have done . Quiet and natural environment will make more comfortable walnuts and facilitate the process of stuffing receipts .

Patience : This is the most important thing . How do we indoctrinate our master and care for walnuts will determine the length of time mastering walnuts . This process is not short , if you are smart walnuts , usually within 2 months or 3 months walnut stuffing you 've mastered the sound . However, if a bit slow , it takes 5 to 6 months . Therefore it is not possible without the patience succeed .

Good sound Masteran Walnuts

To facilitate you in choosing walnut stuffing sounds good , then we give below some of the many options that are used by hobbyists as masteran voice . Sorry we have not been able to provide voice -shaped master mp3 file to your download , remember that a little spare time . Another time we will upload it sounds masteran walnuts we had. If you already have a shrill bird gacor and crystals , you can directly gandengkan , but if no audio files or tapes can enter your home painstaking and routinely play it near your canary . The following are some of the sounds of birds that can make you become the master walnuts walnuts gacor :




birds Ciblek


Starling Suren / starlings Uret

birds prenjak

Blackthroat Africa  ( Read: burung masteran buat kacer )

For other types that do not exist in the list does not mean not good , this is just a list of alternatives that have been tried and a lot of people . If you try and fit the sound of other birds , it is your choice .


Thus our post on mastering chirping canary . Just like cattle walnuts , walnuts are also required to exercise patience , therefore, do not ever give up and try . Hope can be useful knowledge for you loyal readers cattle business . The best teacher is experience . Regards livestock.


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