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Secret Tips to Overcome Bird Cendet Spoiled

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 17, 2014 at 2:20 AM

( Read: burung pentet madura )

Overcoming the Secret Spoiled( Read: burung pentet madura ) Cendet Birds | Birds spoiled it could happen at any bird that bind some of the following factors, could be because of the small maintained frequent in loose makes him behave if anyone approached, it could be when fully grown birds serning in suapi crickets with hands and make the bird into manja.Rahasia Overcoming Spoiled bird Cendet



And the following is the most appropriate way to overcome bird pentet spoiled:


1. Provide caterpillars eat her cage, not hongkong, according to some experts could reduce bird spoiled but should also be done the other tips below.


2. Gaco Do not like the bird whistled, or lure reads, let him sound itself at will.


3. Provide kerodong thick


4. Bathe pentet birds every day.


5. Feed EF Never give out time is specified in addition to the morning and afternoon.


6. Avian Do not bribe either directly using a stick or hand.

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