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Ciblek Preparation Before Competition

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 20, 2014 at 11:40 PM


Preparation Before Competition Ciblek The need to be underlined that the birds will be brought into the arena champions chirping before it should be considered in detail and we have to pay attention to our birds , either mental , volume , style , physical , and chatter - chatter on our bird , the bird is not uncommon who have performed well at home will sulk in the field .( Read: brosur lomba burung )


It could also be a major factor her is physically and mentally ready for the fight yet there are some things you should know before your friends mania chirping birds Ciblek incite you in the arena / field championship include:


Preparation Birds to be contested :

Prepare to be contested bird about - about 3-1 weeks these birds should not be taken reunited with exercises or the like or the opposite sex , but before 2-4 days before the race should be brought closer to its female if his suit like that .

Often dikrodong / fabric penutung cage / bird cage and may be opened as needed like a bird bathing , drying , as well as the provision of food and vitamins .

Before departing from the house to the contest field birds given fresh and natural foods such as : Kroto , UH ( caterpillar Hongkong ) , UK ( caterpillar Cage ) , Crickets , Papaya and Banana Kepok , Kroto should be given to the provision of the next 4-5 before going down the field berikanlaqh enough to keep all the remaining disangkar / bird cage we , as Kroto or food left can cause rot .

Before leaving should be washed with a spray or spray the bird so the bird is not enough kepansan and will stay fresh .

Bird cage with a lid tightly krodong the way to the contest field .

For close race distance or less than 2 hours drive birds do not need to be given anti setres , but when the time to take a trip over 3 to 7 hours in anti setres give about 2-3 days before kebarangkatan .

Birds should have arrived at the arena less than two hours before his start in the contest so that the birds do not experience setres and surprised the reason that the bird calm and resting after the journey beforehand .

Bushels of us when he got the location of bird contest by finding a shady spot and avoid / keep out of the race birds immediately opened sebasgian lainnya.krodong so the bird can minghirup fresh air in the surrounding nature .

( Read: brosur lomba burung piala raja )

Give Kroto or UH ( caterpillar Hongkong ) , crickets , UK ( caterpillar Cage ) , so that the birds adjust their diet fresh again .

Her first thought was that I can say if there is a slight deficiency in the language I speak I apologize for - the amount to all of the readers of this article on my blog . Thanks and Regards chirping Mania .

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