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Ade Yusdira, Livestock Kroto turnover 60 Million

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 22, 2014 at 5:50 AM

Ade Yusdira Kroto successfully grow your business or to fire ant eggs , multi- Rp60 million . Though initially only Rp 2 million of capital . Beginning of Ade pursue this unusual business of fishing hobby .( Read: budi daya kroto )


But he had trouble getting bait because the price is expensive . He then thinking of starting their own business this Kroto . According to him , starting a business is not difficult Kroto , which necessarily required Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP ) , such as providing room temperature below 30 degrees , but rather should be moist to dry .


" Because ants like the dark, " he explained to Okezone , Wednesday ( 26/02/2014 ) .


After that , another thing that needs to be done is to keep the ants by way of security or home cage to awaken these ants . What is needed is a wooden rack made ​​stratified and adjusted for the number of seeds ants .


Then at the bottom of the cage or cage feet of water whose function shall be provided so that the ants do not come out of the cage . Besides providing the board containing 80 percent protein . " To place can be made with a 2 -meter high , 80 cm wide , and 1.3 meters high , " said lecturer who teaches at Unity STIE Bogor .


To start this business , beginners need to provide at least 30 to 100 jars of seeds . Prices range from 1 jar of 50 thousand to Rp 60 thousand , so to Rp2 million Kroto can start this business .


" In starting this business which should be tested first , starting from the first bit at least 30 jars , maximum 100 jars , right in the business because we are dealing with living things , if it fails they will die , " he said .


Ade added , this business can be conducted outdoors and indoors like room , but for outdoors should be provided in the form of an additional enclosure chamber , so that the room be kept moist .( Read: cara ternak kroto )


Meanwhile, the food given to the ants is the must nutritious food or foods such as tree caterpillars , crickets , and chicken bones , but do not feed the ants with food ex .

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