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How to Make a New Facebook (Complete Guide)

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 23, 2014 at 3:15 AM

How to create Facebook . As I commented in a previous article , email is the main thing to have social jejering account such as facebook or twitter . Before going into how to create a Facebook , I emphasize once again that you should have an email in advance and if you do not have , you can make it in advance. Please read how to create a new email in yahoo with ease. ( Read: cara membuat aplikasi facebook )


Well now if you already have an email , open the email you got. This will be used to receive the activation link your facebook . Mengenari way facebook can make you follow the instructions below carefully without missing the first step to complete.

How to Create Facebook


1 . Visit our Facebook site at and you will find a view like this ,

How to Create Facebook

All you have to do is fill out the appropriate data yourself correctly. Before filling out the form , see the language you use . If in the English language , it's best to place your order indonesia language easier to understand . To change the language , please see the illustration on the picture I put a red arrow and select the language of Indonesia .


Then you fill out the form above correctly as first name , last name , email, password or password , date of birth and gender. A note or remember - remember very well login and password that you create , so you will use to log in to facebook or any time. Well if it is the substance of all the columns available , now click " Register "


2 . Upon clicking register you will find 3 steps to fix registry :

Step 1 : in fact in this step you can find friends who are already registered on facebook , but we recommend you skip this step first , click the font that I have put a red arrow.

How to Make a New Facebook


Step 2 : In this step you can specify the identity of the school , your place of lectures , or company you work for . You can also leave it blank . Click " Save & Continue "

How to Make a New Facebook


Step 3 : In this step you can change your picture to be used for your facebook profile later. Please click the "Upload Photo" to upload a photo from your computer and then click " Save & Continue "

Tutorial How To Make A Facebook


3 . Then you will find the look like the picture below and click " Open Mail "

Guide to Making Facebook  ( Read: cara membuat iklan di facebook )


4 . Now you check your email inbox inbox or you registered earlier, some you will get a message to the facebook account activation like this , then go to the message.

Tutorials and Guides How To Make Facebook


Well the message is about as below and then click " Complete Registration " and you will be brought automatically facebook page Other .

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