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tips on choosing a bird chirp food additives (vitamins bird)

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 23, 2014 at 5:05 AM

Having a bird chirp at home is indeed a pleasure , sit back while looking at a bird in a cage without feeling a few hours have passed . In addition to the birds singing beautiful , colorful coat color is also the main attraction for the fans . To get the bird is always excellent , the necessary diligence in care and if necessary provide additional food .

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additional food or known as extra feeding ( FE ) is very important for our pet birds chirp . It is necessary to meet nutritional requirements. Here are some simple grouping of various food additives that can be given to birds chirp based main meals . Birds chirp with the main meal of insects , such as magpie stone and kacer also require additional vitamins on a regular basis . For bird species have been traditionally given voor with vitamins that have many , probably do not need supplements or vitamins . However, if the birds are not fed voor , then the animal must be given extra food to meet the nutritional needs as well as maintain and improve sound quality .

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For some types of birds with a main feed fruits , such as swamps and also cucak cucak blue require an additional form of insect food .

Birds eating grains , such as walnuts and also it's good Branjangan given extra food is fruit , vegetables , and insects . Supplementary feeding can be done alternately . With proper food additives , the chirping of birds will be more attractive.

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