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Murai Batu - Types, Maintenance and Video Tweets Murai Batu

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 26, 2014 at 8:35 AM

Murai stone also know by the name of Bird Kucica Forest, which is a bird chirping that keberadaanya highly endangered due to poaching to be used as pet birds. Murai miles tergolond the family Muscicapidae or referred to birds worms. The labor-in can be found in the province of Sumatra island, then in Peninsular Malaysia and in the majority of the island of Java. Many of the experts who produced that Shama include race from North Borneo (Copsychus Malabaricus Stricklandii), which as its own species.


Shama - Types, Treatment and Video Tweets Shama


Shama Types


Murai stone have many types in effect pertaining to habitat and place of origin. But from a wider variety of the most recognized by society, there are 6 types, namely:


Murai batu Aceh

Murai batu Medan

Murai batu Lahat

Murai batu Lampung

Murai batu Jambi

Murai batu Borneo

Keistimewaaan Murai Batu

How to Take Care Murai Batu

Many people like a humming bird stone because of 3 things: Easily Adapt , patient and Domestic Competitors and so many people will find it easy to take care of him . However, if one treatment will be not good for the condition of the stone magpie . But here you do not need to worry , as we will discuss about tips or how to care magpie stone well .


1 . When Birds in high feather


Humming bird stone is the type of bird that has three circumstances . Namely , in high feather , when his passion peaked again , and at the time of the drop . If the humming bird stone in high feather , then take care of the initial steps that wind - anginkannya done since morning , for example, worked on the terrace residence . Do not blow - anginkannya too long , for about half an hour only.


After aerated , humming bird mandikanlah your stone . When bathing him , can be done by spraying coincided with the cage and the bird alone . It depends on what you choose yourself .


Do not forget For constantly changing their feed , the optimal two days. Keep within the jar and place it in the cage . Always clean the cage . Can be added either , if done every day . It could also be coupled with other foods that can make the sound of a humming bird stone so getting good again .


When pingin drying , do among at 8 s / d at 11 . During drying , do not rock your first humming bird humming bird approximated with another stone . Where has dried , wind - anginkanlah briefly about 10 minutes . Only then wrap the cage again .


Throughout the bird in a bundle , For keeps trying to play a sound of a humming bird stone within an MP3 or other form of recording . You can download tones stone humming bird passing through the Internet .


In the evening , when you are diligent then so-so For bathing the humming bird stone back . Aerated after approximately 10 minutes , then put within the cage and back packs . Then listen to the recorded sound of a humming bird stone . Sound recording which is what will make it have a very melodious voice .


2 . Kala lust again peaked


Humming bird stone countless types of birds that have a large lust . When the central peak , he had signs . Among them , seen as aggressive behavior , often in the pecking cage - patuknya , and often down feather wings . When the situation is like this , then the portion of the feed is reduced so half and try bathing him often . Then give the worms ate 2 2 x 1 week . Then , condensed each morning and when penjemurannya reduced .


3 . Kala in the state drop ( Read: beternak murai batu )


When the drop juncture , it is essentially done is to feed it crickets , centipedes and bath reduced to 1 day only once. When a drop like this juncture , do not kick had he met and saw another stone humming bird . Plus, he could not hear the sound of a humming bird rock sound .


Well , this is like a humming bird stone treatment measure that has melodious voice and constantly hunted by several people . Taking care of her is indeed not difficult , but it should be painstaking .

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