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Remote Emergency lights Surya Brand

Posted by indra andriyadi on June 4, 2014 at 12:50 AM

Brand Solar Lights Remote Emergency Lighting Emergency is a multi function automatically turns on when the headlights went out. With the number of LED lights as much as 20 LEDs , so God willing, this emergency light can last up to 6 hours .


Basically Remote Solar Emergency Light is the same as the Brand Luby , differing only on the brand alone .(Read: harga lampu emergency led surya )


How to Install Emergency Lighting Remote Luby :


In emergency lights Turn the switch to the ON position

Attach the emergency lights on light fittings ( in ceiling )

After that , new pairs of headlights on the light fittings are available in emergency

How it Works Emergency Lighting Remote Luby :


Tercharge emergency lights automatically if there is no power

If the main flame lights , emergency lights will die and tercharge

If the headlights off, automatic emergency lights will flash

If you want to turn off the emergency lights , use the remote control

Emergency lights lasting approximately 6-8 hours

Treatment Lamp : (Read: lampu led merk surya )


These lights already have a rectifier currents to protect overcharge , but there are some suggestions that the lamp is more durable


It is suggested that ignition plug in the lamp room is not 24 hours

Several times allow emergency lights turn on to drain the battery more durable

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