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Easy Ways to Distinguish Male and Female Canaries

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 14, 2014 at 10:45 PM

The easiest way to distinguish the sex of a canary can look at the start of a walnut pal 3 days old . First , when the veins in the abdomen next to go down to the anus then surely this bird is a male . These veins are no longer visible on the female canary . The good about this is done prior to the time the male canary feathers grow .

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The second step , which is to see a canary chicks who can jump very far because it implies about the male gender . This step is done by storing the towel as well as align the position of the existing horse racing on the racetrack .


The third step , which is distinguished attention to the center of the lower leg that has a long moment another 3 feet that have the same length . Among the centers that have long legs can be difficult to associate with others and this is a male canary . Female canary easier to assemble because all three have the soles of her feet the same size .


The fourth step , which is to see the birds spine . In the long spinal male canary color is more rigid and more concentrated . For the females color is stiff and not up to her jet during spine . 

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The fifth step , in considering the form of the head of a walnut before while growing feathers . Liatlah to the side of their heads .


For the males more flattened ( flat ) . For that females are more rounded . Approximately age 6-7 days anak2 walnut eyes began to open . When the male then his eyes aligned with its beak . For the females , the location of the eye resulting in over half of his head is more rounded appearance .


Another way to distinguish the sex of walnuts can also be by way of the form of their anus. If it looks more prominent then the canary is male , and if it looks a bit flat then the walnuts are female .

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