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Various Disease In Birds Parakeet

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 2, 2014 at 9:40 AM

In breeding parakeets we need to know the kinds of kinds or types of illnesses in our pet birds , parakeets . With digharapkan know we are ready in terms of treating and if I can prevent it . Disease is a natural thing in the farm , whether it is caused by a virus or bacteria . The scale of this disease varies from causing harm / death of small or large . The disease often attacks the relatively young parakeet bird because immunity is not yet perfect . Diseases of the parakeet is often frustrating and ultimately make farmers out of business .


However, this parakeet buring diseases can be prevented or minimized the impact on our livestock . By keeping the cage and parakeet diet . Here we convey various diseases that attack parakeets :


A.Psittacose ( Read: penyakit burung )

In European countries such as France , the Netherlands , England , Germany , the Netherlands is often called it " Parrot Bird Disease " . Indeed as the name for a parakeet 's disease or psittacose as if just attacking birds or parrots parrot alone . Ahead of the second world war these countries were afflicted by this disease and almost destroy pet birds parrots of various families .


The disease is caused by virius can also attack poultry . Ddalam bird 's body so that the virus can live for the infestation , do not show symptoms of the disease but her body was thinner over time due to lack of appetite and eventually the bird will die .


B. Diarrhae or intestine disorders

The disease is very popular for parakeet breeder , if petrnak painstaking cleaning cages disease is not much cause harm . The signs of this disease is the slow movement of birds , perched with shrunken bodies , fur standing up, eyes glazed and full rectal stool ( diarrhea ) .


C. Colds

The disease is equally popular with diarrhea disease , not fast enough to handle it if the breeder will quickly spread and many bring death . The signs are runny nose , slow movements , lack of appetite , hair standing up, usually the head is hidden under the base of the wing .


D. Myopia

Myopia is a disease of the eye disorder that causes reduced vision damage Patau parakeets . The signs are moody birds , when flying often collided , decreased appetite .


E. Bubul

The disease is caused by small animals in the cage that forms a heap of lime in the nest the bird 's body . The signs of this disease are : the legs , toes , beak , nose and around the mouth filled with lime swollen . The disease is caused by dirty cages and rarely cleaned .


F. Leg Opening

Disease is a disease of deformed leg opening leg suffered since the chicks still in its mother 's arms . Signs: leg opening laterally left or right , the birds can not stand up to normal .


G. Degeneratie

This is actually not a disease akantetapi is congenital . For example clenched toes can not be opened , legs bent , the lower half is too long , do not draw the wings , legs open . That is because inbreeding causes the offspring become inteel or degeneratie .


H. Vertigo ( Read: penyakit burung pleci )

The disease is more popularly known as epilepsy or neurological diseases , considering that impaired nerve . The signs are head spinning.


I. molt

Molt or hair loss is a natural thing happens in every kind of bird it is by age or by disease musical influences , the signs are prolonged hair loss . Although it does not cause a great impact but the disease is also disturbing parakeet breeder .

Canary Bird List Price Latest Import

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 1, 2014 at 1:20 PM

Canary Bird Import List Price Latest | Currently canaries that began in gandrungi the hobbyist type of bird is a bird Jenia color and singers , so although there are devoted to body type , but I 'm talking wong most in the last two yea enjoy the color and singer .


( Read:harga burung nuri )


Now some of these birds importer sells the imported materials in addition to also sell its own version of the hatchlings with the aim to get the kind of type baru.Daftar Price canary Canary Birds Canary Birds Import Import TerbaruDaftar Price Latest local


And if you want to know , how much is the price for the imported birds ? is expensive , huh? I do not think is expensive because it is still affordable pockets of the hobbyist , so how much is it then? Have you see the price of walnuts imported from direct merchant , aka the importing , inidi be in the region of Central Java , for other areas please on the road itself .


Spanish timbrado Rp 600,000

Mozaic Rp 500,000

Goldfinch mule Rp 1,200,000 ( Read:harga burung )

Border Rp 850.000

Holland Rp 350,000

Red agate Rp 450,000

Red frost Rp 450,000 

Parisial frill Rp 1,000,000

Download Mobile Applications Until Satisfied in Waptrick or Wapdam

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 30, 2014 at 10:50 AM

Waptrick a WAP site that provides applications and content can be downloaded for free . As you may know , has moved to address . If you type the url address , we will automatically switch to domain . As for the desktop version , we will switch from wapdam url address . com / web .


Although changing the domain , the function of the WAP -based sites has not changed . remain as , which provides a variety of files and free applications . Through wapdam waptrick or , we can download files such as animation , video , wallpaper hp , music , logos , and various animated images for mobile phones . In addition , on this site we can also download a variety of applications for android , as well as the latest mobile ringtone ringtone - unique , strange , and funny . Category of the download is complete . There download music , video , download music clips , download song lyrics, download wallpapers , download animation , sound effects to download any exist . All for the purpose of completing the beautify and gadgets that we use .


From site or , we can download more than 1000 applications , logos , ringtones and songs for gadgets like phones , tablets or smartphones . All files and free application . But unfortunately , when we visited wapdam waptrick or via a computer or laptop , we can not download the files that were there . There are tips on how to download files and applications from or wapdam waptrick .


Download Mobile Applications Until Satisfied in amr or Wapdam .

( Read:Waptrick download themes )

With the WAP service that provides content and applications , the current or swamped with visitors . Many downloader that comes to beautify and complement the content on their gadgets . or can be visited directly by using the phone , because this site is a WAP site . Please visit website or wapdam waptrick here .

Cocoa Hold ' KakaoTalk Emoticon Contest ' First in Indonesia

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 28, 2014 at 8:50 AM

For users of the messaging application KakaoTalk , there is good news for you . Because , Cocoa today launched ' KakaoTalk Emoticon Contest ' .


The contest allows users to design and deploy their own design emoticons on KakaoTalk . Beginning on April 28 until May 18, 2014 , this contest is open to all creative talent Indonesia who want to submit their original work and the chance for their creations emoticons for use by hundreds of millions of users around the world through KakaoTalk Digital Item Store . Three winners will receive a total prize of Rp 45 million and the number of internship opportunities in the office of the Indonesian Cocoa .

( Read: cara membuat email gmail )


To participate in this contest , users simply friends with the account Plus Friend ' Cocoa Artists ' on KakaoTalk emoticons character designs and send them in five different expressions through chat rooms Cocoa Artists . Cocoa will assess and select emoticons sent seven candidates who will enter next ketahap . In this phase , participants will be asked to submit additional eleven expressions of their creation emoticons . Of the seven candidates , three winners will be selected through a voting mechanism ( voting ) by KakaoTalk users ( 50 % ) and assessment of judges ( 50 % )


" Emoticons depicting a variety of expressions and feelings more than words has always been a popular feature that is enjoyed by our users in Indonesia . With the launch of ' KakaoTalk Emoticon Contest ' in Indonesia , we expect to see local talent from Indonesia to experiment with their creative ideas and even win the chance to promote their artwork all around the world through KakaoTalk platform , while our users will enjoy a more emoticons local nuances , "said Kate Sohn , Vice President of Global Business Development Corp. Cocoa .


" This contest is part of our commitment to create a collaborative ecosystem in Indonesia with a platform KakaoTalk and invite local talent to grow with us , " he added .

( Read: cara membuat email di google )


Prizes of the contest emoticons are not only available for the participants of the contest. Starting May 26 until June 10, 2014 , KakaoTalk users in Indonesia can also select a favorite emoticons characters of the seven candidates through KakaoTalk and get a chance to win an iPhone or Samsung's latest smartphone . More information on how to vote will be available on the official Facebook page KakaoTalk Indonesia on May 12, 2014 .

How Mastering Canaries Chirping Sound Good

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 28, 2014 at 6:30 AM

How Mastering Canaries Chirping Sound Good

Are you really - really maniac canaries ? If Yes , of course you must understand a bit about stuffing / master walnuts . If you do not understand and do not understand , it is very timely as we will discuss in this week's edition of the article . Mastering , a bird trained by modifying the chirping canary and decide in accordance with our wishes . The point is where a bird that we will master mimic other birds or recordings that we rotate , the origin is still in reasonable limits and can be imitated canaries . Train and walnut filling sound with this new way of mastering developed in Indonesia , there is no other country in the world to use this method of exercise such . However , it is the type of society we are not easily satisfied if only the usual walnuts even listening chatter , there must be just the thing done as a try - try to generate as much unique and different .

( Read: burung master )


The phenomenon of walnuts master also crowded due to increased enthusiasm hobbyists canary in the race . Many variations and sharing between incumbents to new players making a lot of people look at that walnut is walnut masteran race . Especially if you see the result of crosses between F1 walnuts walnuts imported large man who has a loud voice, distinctive local walnuts definitely a lot of lay people who are interested . In addition , many also believe that masteran is intended to fix the chatter of other birds in order to better when sung by canary . Therefore , we just discussed about how to master walnuts . There are many factors that determine its success not mastering walnuts .


how to master sound good walnut - cattle business

Identical With Walnuts Walnuts Masteran Contest

Master Success Factors Walnuts

Age : Consider age canaries , canary try your master is a small walnut walnut material or aged 1 - 1,5 months and still eat grains . Same with humans , canaries childhood memory is also still keen to listen to the voice masteran , and memory with age also decreased. Therefore, while walnuts are still small , frequent - often was listening to the song masteran on your walnuts .

Continuity : If you 've heard the voice of your walnuts are able to bring the stuffing sounds good , do not stop there . The sound remains perdengarkan every day if you can . Because of the smoothness is only temporary , the term has not been locked . When - when the sound field will be returned to the original sound canaries . After entering the age of 7 to 9 months , walnuts usually already familiar with the sounds that we fill . And usually we can omit the race . But do not forget after we omit the race or latber still rotate stuffing your master , because otherwise it would be vulnerable replaced .

Intelligence : The internal factor is the absolute level of intelligence and receptivity . Each - each bird has a different acceptance . If the acceptance is slow , then the walnuts master any way that we use will be difficult to enter . Therefore, in order to minimize the slow acceptance , try to choose a clear canary seed origin or come from reliable breeders master . Usually derivatives also carry the gene and intelligence that almost resembles the parent .

Environment : Select a location that supports fast if you want to mimic walnut stuffing you . The place is too crowded would be very annoying voice reception process . Walnuts would be confused if a lot of noise , and it will mess up the results of mastering what we have done . Quiet and natural environment will make more comfortable walnuts and facilitate the process of stuffing receipts .

Patience : This is the most important thing . How do we indoctrinate our master and care for walnuts will determine the length of time mastering walnuts . This process is not short , if you are smart walnuts , usually within 2 months or 3 months walnut stuffing you 've mastered the sound . However, if a bit slow , it takes 5 to 6 months . Therefore it is not possible without the patience succeed .

Good sound Masteran Walnuts

To facilitate you in choosing walnut stuffing sounds good , then we give below some of the many options that are used by hobbyists as masteran voice . Sorry we have not been able to provide voice -shaped master mp3 file to your download , remember that a little spare time . Another time we will upload it sounds masteran walnuts we had. If you already have a shrill bird gacor and crystals , you can directly gandengkan , but if no audio files or tapes can enter your home painstaking and routinely play it near your canary . The following are some of the sounds of birds that can make you become the master walnuts walnuts gacor :




birds Ciblek


Starling Suren / starlings Uret

birds prenjak

Blackthroat Africa  ( Read: burung masteran buat kacer )

For other types that do not exist in the list does not mean not good , this is just a list of alternatives that have been tried and a lot of people . If you try and fit the sound of other birds , it is your choice .


Thus our post on mastering chirping canary . Just like cattle walnuts , walnuts are also required to exercise patience , therefore, do not ever give up and try . Hope can be useful knowledge for you loyal readers cattle business . The best teacher is experience . Regards livestock.


Recognizing Kinds of Diseases Birds Lovebird

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 23, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Birds love bird is a species of bird chatter that not only offers a melodious voice but also the beauty of the feathers the main attraction of birds that are rarely owned by another chatter . Of the price of the bird love bird no cheap so make the farmers and birds love bird owners always keep their health in order not to contract the disease .


Well , every living thing must have been infected by a variety of diseases and it also attacks all species of birds including birds love bird . For the owners or cultivators birds love bird is very important to recognize the various diseases that primarily affects birds so that birds love bird love bird quickly get treatment . Therefore , this article describes the kinds of diseases that usually attack your pet love bird watching .

( Read: burung lovebird kepala emas )


Lime Lime defecate defecation is a type of disease that often attacks the digestive system of birds love bird . Common name for pullorum disease was chalk stools that are easily transmitted from one bird to another bird . In order to ensure the birds love bird defecation lime has been exposed to the disease there are several symptoms that can be observed that : see the dirt that issuance would normally white and shaped like a watered-down chalk . Then his appetite suddenly decreased so as to make the body weak and not eager to sing . Under certain conditions , the birds love bird defecation lime disease will be difficult to pull out the dirt so that it can be seen in fur anus hole section will look like chalk dirt .


If you already know the birds love bird defecation lime disease immediately separate the bird from other birds for the disease does not spread and clean the cage every day to avoid germs that could infect the disease again .


respiratory disorders


Respiratory distress is a very dangerous type of disease if infected bird to bird love bird love bird will have trouble breathing and nose easily dispense viscous liquids . This disease is quite acute if the birds love bird suffered by then could lead to death . Respiratory disease in birds love bird arising from the deployment of e-coli bacteria and mycoplasma virus are often found in fruits and vegetables that are not washed and eaten by birds love bird . Common symptoms that we can look at the birds love bird affected by respiratory disease is : the night the bird love bird will snore loudly like a lump in her windpipe , nose looks slimy and continuously secrete a viscous fluid , decreasing its activity became even more silent , and every day the birds love bird always sneezing .


Abatement is clear that this disease is very easily transmitted to other birds chatter and therefore birds love bird infected with respiratory disease should be exiled from the place of other birds , clean the cage , give sufficient vitamins every day , and wash their food like fruit or vegetables .




Is a type of skin disease that attacks the birds love bird legs so that the feet appear swollen skin , nails growth unreasonably extends , and scales on legs will widen . Bubul disease arising from staphylo cocci bacteria that are in the cage clean untreated leather legs so easily infected birds love bird Bubul . This disease is quite dangerous if not treated quickly because birds love bird legs diseased Bubul will continue to swell and cause the birds love bird can die . The cleanliness of the cage is a top priority that must be maintained by the owners of the birds love bird .


bird lice ( Read: penyakit burung lovebird )


Birds love bird who rarely bathed and treated conditions it will be exposed to the disease cage bird lice . Disease infestation of birds attacking all kinds of birds that are not maintained clean so disturbing sound quality and skin . Birds love bird that has been exposed to the disease symptoms are bird mites : pecking like his own because he felt itchy , birds appear agitated and did not want to dwell in the cage , and the violence will decrease the sound of her usual chirping .


Yups , that's the diseases that primarily affects birds love bird so his health will be compromised and the booms would not be melodious again . Therefore , maintaining body condition , cages , and feed is an effective prevention to avoid the birds love bird avoid the terrible diseases .


Fascination and characteristic feature of the Good Birds Ciblek

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 23, 2014 at 2:50 AM


Feature Ciblek good

The attraction there is the sound of birds chirping ciblek great , although chirping is similar burubg still many who like to enjoy especially when chirping repeatedly and continuously reads the high notes and for a long time .

( Read: harga burung ciblek )


Ciblek often found in Java , Bali and Sumatra . Habitat ciblek found many areas of rice fields , gardens , fields , forest edges and around the houses , from the lowlands up to an altitude of 1000 m above sea birds are very likely encountered ciblek .


Bird breeding season is uncertain , but in general they will breed during the rainy season the number of eggs produced between 2 to 3 grains .


Ciblek most preferred natural foods are insects , such as leaf caterpillars , termites , butterflies eggs , egg ants and other insects


The characteristics of a good ciblek


Bird ciblek said to be good if it has been diligent chirp . But it was not enough that he wants to bring to the competition arena . Chirping sound when the volume is said to be either large , hard , sharp , fast and thick . It is highly unlikely ciblek obtained on a new feeder or captured . ( Read: ciblek kalung )


For it must be smart to choose going to make it later could potentially have a loud chirping by looking beak . Beak rather long and not very thick signify ciblek have a good sound and diligent chirp , while the half-life is short and thin rarely chirp .


Google Launches Android Application Camera For KitKat

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 22, 2014 at 12:10 PM

Google has just launched its own camera app on the Play Store . Google named Camera , looks somewhat different applications with embedded camera software on Android 4.4 KitKat itself . Google has launched a number of fixes and improvements overall experience . Displays a much cleaner interface with prominent shutter button . A new mode called Lens Blur presented promising users to achieve photo shots like SLR .

( Read: cara membuat blog di google )

" Lens Blur replace the need for a large optical system with computer vision algorithms and optimization techniques that run entirely on a mobile device , simulating a larger aperture lens to create a 3D model of the world , " says Google . Applications also carries the distinctive features of Google Photo Sphere to take panoramic pictures , as well as presenting the viewfinder ( viewfinder ) back to 100 percent , meaning that what you see is what you'll get in the final shots .

Accessing a menu of options that exist in the application will be familiar to owners of Moto X mobile phone , users simply swipe from the left to switch between modes in Google Camera . Unfortunately , there are some omissions when comparing Google Camera with embedded camera applications on Android , further settings such as white balance can not be found here .

I like calling for war against the arrest of a portrait -oriented video . When the selected video camera application will not want to start the video until the user switches to landscape orientation . With a standalone application like this , the advantage is that users get more options if they are not satisfied with the default application . We are free to add features to the application because it is not planted directly into the OS , so no need to pour a whole firmware update .

( Read: cara membuat blog menjadi menarik )

 Google Camera is now available and supports all smartphones and tablets running Android version 4.4 ( KitKat ) . Applications latest camera from HTC and Samsung is already satisfactory , but the more choice is always a good thing .


Info About The Bird Eurostopodus diabolicus

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 21, 2014 at 9:40 AM

Approximately 27 cm . Dark with a ribbon - throat bungalan pale rust - red and white sign on a small inconspicuous fourth primary feathers ( the amount calculated from the outer wings ) ; no white on the tail .


Additional Info

Latin Name : Eurostopodus diabolicus

( Read: burung ciblek )

English Name : Sulawesi Eared - nightjar

Indonesian Name : Taktarau devil

Altitude : 250 - 1750 m

Endemic : Sulawesi

Country Endemic : Yes

Distribution : Sulawesi

IUCN Status : VU

Year of Status : 2011

Protected Areas : No

Restricted Range Species : Yes


Identification: Approximately 27 cm . Dark with a ribbon - throat bungalan pale rust - red and white sign on a small inconspicuous fourth primary feathers ( the amount calculated from the outer wings ) ; no white on the tail .


Voice : A little known , but the sound on -the-fly may include a weak scream , the sound whirrip hard and soft churrs

Habit : Collection of specimens derived from the clump of rattan in the forest . Records obtained came from a silent birds observed during dusk and dawn : a) perched on a small twig approximately as high as 0.5 m from the ground at the edge of the road ; b ) perched above the road in an open area on the ridge of a hill ; c ) searching for prey along the edge of the forest at a height of 1-35 m , mostly 5-15 m ; d ) passing quickly in the middle layer on top of the open area fraction .


Global Distribution : Endemic in the north and north central Sulawesi

Local Distribution : Rare and local . Frequently visited gaps in primary forest and deforested mountains and choose .

( Read: pakan burung )


Habitat : Primary forest mountains , selectively logged forest

Threats : forest fragmentation , land clearing for transmigration settlements , shifting cultivation , large -scale plantation agriculture and logging

Mixing Tips For Feeding Birds Pleci

Posted by indra andriyadi on April 19, 2014 at 5:25 AM

Mixing Tips For Feeding Birds Pleci . To get a quality bird of his voice ( gacor ) not only in the selection of any bird or animal nutrition but also greatly affects the chatter of birds pleci . Here I want to share about the mixing of feed for your pet bird pleci , this article I got from ekhagreen , hopefully this article can be for your reference mempuyai pleci birds .

Mixing Tips For Feeding Birds Pleci


Birds feed for Pleci concoction that is given from ekhagreen there are two ways , so please try which is more suited to your pet bird , because each different bird calm .


The first way :  ( Read: perawatan pleci )

1 Wrap Milk Powder Dancow

1 Wrap Coconut Biscuits Rome

1 Wrap Wedang Ginger

1 Wrap Takari

1 Ounce Flour Powder crickets

1/2 Ounces Powder Fumayin

Procedures for the use of the above mix all ingredients together . Should be great enough daily feeding 1 tablespoon .


Second way :

2 Wrap Leopard

2 Wrap Milk Powder Dancow

2 Wrap Wedang Ginger

1 Wrap Promina Banana Flavor

3 Grain Duck Eggs

The second usage the same way in a manner that is first mixed together , the birds feeding on pleci better every day just 1 tablespoon .


Tips on feeding birds fruit pleci

A piece of banana kepok 3 Days Once

4 Piece Red Apple Day One

Half a slice of ripe papaya 1 Week One ( Read: pleci mata putih )

His best piece of Kaffir Lime 2 given once a day or as often as possible , because it is good for Birds Volume memperkencang .

That's her little reference to the bird feed blend pleci , hopefully the above tips can be useful agi you . umpteen of Feed Mixing Tips For Bird Pleci