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Various Disease In Birds Parakeet

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 2, 2014 at 9:40 AM

In breeding parakeets we need to know the kinds of kinds or types of illnesses in our pet birds , parakeets . With digharapkan know we are ready in terms of treating and if I can prevent it . Disease is a natural thing in the farm , whether it is caused by a virus or bacteria . The scale of this disease varies from causing harm / death of small or large . The disease often attacks the relatively young parakeet bird because immunity is not yet perfect . Diseases of the parakeet is often frustrating and ultimately make farmers out of business .


However, this parakeet buring diseases can be prevented or minimized the impact on our livestock . By keeping the cage and parakeet diet . Here we convey various diseases that attack parakeets :


A.Psittacose ( Read: penyakit burung )

In European countries such as France , the Netherlands , England , Germany , the Netherlands is often called it " Parrot Bird Disease " . Indeed as the name for a parakeet 's disease or psittacose as if just attacking birds or parrots parrot alone . Ahead of the second world war these countries were afflicted by this disease and almost destroy pet birds parrots of various families .


The disease is caused by virius can also attack poultry . Ddalam bird 's body so that the virus can live for the infestation , do not show symptoms of the disease but her body was thinner over time due to lack of appetite and eventually the bird will die .


B. Diarrhae or intestine disorders

The disease is very popular for parakeet breeder , if petrnak painstaking cleaning cages disease is not much cause harm . The signs of this disease is the slow movement of birds , perched with shrunken bodies , fur standing up, eyes glazed and full rectal stool ( diarrhea ) .


C. Colds

The disease is equally popular with diarrhea disease , not fast enough to handle it if the breeder will quickly spread and many bring death . The signs are runny nose , slow movements , lack of appetite , hair standing up, usually the head is hidden under the base of the wing .


D. Myopia

Myopia is a disease of the eye disorder that causes reduced vision damage Patau parakeets . The signs are moody birds , when flying often collided , decreased appetite .


E. Bubul

The disease is caused by small animals in the cage that forms a heap of lime in the nest the bird 's body . The signs of this disease are : the legs , toes , beak , nose and around the mouth filled with lime swollen . The disease is caused by dirty cages and rarely cleaned .


F. Leg Opening

Disease is a disease of deformed leg opening leg suffered since the chicks still in its mother 's arms . Signs: leg opening laterally left or right , the birds can not stand up to normal .


G. Degeneratie

This is actually not a disease akantetapi is congenital . For example clenched toes can not be opened , legs bent , the lower half is too long , do not draw the wings , legs open . That is because inbreeding causes the offspring become inteel or degeneratie .


H. Vertigo ( Read: penyakit burung pleci )

The disease is more popularly known as epilepsy or neurological diseases , considering that impaired nerve . The signs are head spinning.


I. molt

Molt or hair loss is a natural thing happens in every kind of bird it is by age or by disease musical influences , the signs are prolonged hair loss . Although it does not cause a great impact but the disease is also disturbing parakeet breeder .

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