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Features Kacer Dada White Mabung First

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 3, 2014 at 2:30 AM

Features Kacer Dada White Mabung First

How to find out the characteristics of birds Kacer chicago / Kacer Teapot / white chest Kacer mabung for the first time , the following is a brief review of the characteristics of young birds Kacer new experience mabung time for the first time, as we know birds mabung own stage it is the natural cycle of bird mabung process from the first level ( a young bird ) until next mabung ( adult birds to old ) and from the stage mabung we can find out what the birds are young, adult or old apart from the features we also often hear .

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In Kacer Teapot / white chest markings that young birds can be seen from the fur on the outskirts of the nearby white chest with its wings still visible colors like black or white color fog not pure white and looks like a black fog . and this is clearly different from the adult birds are already old ata suffering mabung 2 times or more .

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Young birds are also marked by the base of the beak are visible lined with bright colors that will look at the yellow bird is still very young . while the old birds will be visible at the base of the lip looks like an elongated beak .


At the feet of young birds look like black wet and Judah have not been scaling.

Glimpses commented on the physical characteristics of birds Kacer who are young and have not / will suffer mabung first time .

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