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How To Make Money From Blog Without Capital

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 3, 2014 at 4:10 AM

How To Make Money From Blog Without Capital ~ Making money from the internet make money from blogs in particular are becoming the choice of many internet users to earn extra income . Why many people are trying to earn money from the internet especially from blogs ?


There are many reasons why they are trying to get money from the blog :

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1 . Could be done anytime

2 . Not bound by time and place

3 . Not require a large capital

4 . Could be used as a side

5 . Potential income could be greater than the primary income


That is the reason why many people today are trying to make money from blogs . Even more so when it can be done without capital or free . How come make money from blogs without capital ?


Before we discuss further , we first straighten mindset online business without capital . Without capital does not mean no capital at all . You still need capital to the cost of your internet connection , or also the capital to buy a guide book online business . But if you want to learn to be self-taught with the guidance that you get from searching in google , then you only need an internet connection costs alone .


In order to make money from blogs without capital then we must first determine what online business to be run . There are many online businesses that could be an option , but that I like is the PPC business . Because in addition to free registration , income can also be earned on a regular basis every month . Yes , it was counted as an additional honorarium every month deh . Hehehe .....

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Business PPC advertising is a business network for a fee which is calculated based on the number of clicks obtained . System works is that you have to have a blog first, then the blog has been registered as a member of the PPC business , after that you will get a script to be installed on the blog which will bring ads from PPC providers .


The most famous PPC dollars paid is Google Adsense . However, Indonesia also has a PPC company is very well known and reliable with high pay per click , which I click dot com . But to register as a member click me dot com you should have a fairly high traffic blog first. If you are a beginner , you can follow the PPC that does not require to have high traffic .

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