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Glad birds livestock blackthroat

Posted by indra andriyadi on May 17, 2014 at 5:45 AM

Blackthroat warbler bird is eating grain , not long ago the range of December and January in the bird markets scout Coming of ...


Blackthroat warbler bird is eating grain , not long ago the range of December and January in the coming bird bird markets scout blackthroat material which is quite a lot . Only the birds run fast enough material blackthroat quickly sold out . I tried to buy a pair to try blackthroat birds livestock . ( read: peternak blackthroat )


Before we try blackthroat birds livestock should we understand the basic characteristics of a little bird blackthroat . Blackthroat birds are polygamous so bt males mated with females could be more than one . Not only with each other , can be mated with males blackthroat warbler other types such as canaries , Herda Sanger , Mozambique and Wren .


Birds blackthroat have almost the same posture with Herda Sanger . Therefore , many people mistakenly identify him. The main thing that distinguishes birds with bird blackthroat Sanger is a black color on the neck / throat of the bird ( hence this type of bird called " blackthroat " ) adult male and yellow feathers in birds blackthroat .


Differences of male and female birds blackthroat


In general, differences in materials or young forest birds blackthroat male and female birds are as follows :


1 . The Bird blackthroat strapping males , with a length of about 12 cm , for females is almost the same but tend berpostur round .


2 . Blackthroat adult male bird has a black color in the throat while the female is a bit sketchy .


3 . Avian blackthroat big-headed males , tend to be oval , small and round -headed females .


4 . Blackthroat male bird has a pen ( cloaca ) that stand out and there is a bulge of green beans with fur rawis . berkloaka female flat and there is only a hole to get out the dirt .


5 . Blackthroat male bird beak thick , thin beaked females .


6 . Blackthroat male bird shrill , ngerol and varied tracks . females have a small voice and a monotonous song .


7 . Blackthroat bull -necked bird level , short-necked females .


Overview for price blackthroat male birds of Africa , according to our observation USD price range . 1 million s / d to 1.3 million birds blackthroat males to females while 750 thousand price range .


Once we understand the characteristics of birds blackthroat then we try to match , the pairing period should use an insulated enclosure making it easier for the birds blackthroat partner know each other .


To be in the know if we buy blackthroat bird in a bird market yet we know better pairing age range using insulated enclosure , the range of one to two weeks trying to make one and monitored , if the bird is still attacking each separate blackthroat back but if you do not already incorporate . ( read: kenari f1 )


Because when we buy umuran pasnya should not know when we raise birds blackthroat as we take care of other warbler . If the time has come blackthroat bird by itself will marry .


I tried the method livestock blackthroat bird as above and is now generating 1 blackthroat tail bird chicks , while studying and observing the behavior indukannya , happy bird blackthroat cattle .

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